SK Sixer King – Grade 1 English Willow


Grade 1 English Willow
SK senior cricket bats
Hand Selected for the perfect weight, this bat is ideal for top senior batsmen
balanced pick-up.
Mid-Low Middle – ideal for front foot play.
Full Spine and Minimal Con-caving, creating a wide sweet spot.
Flat Face with slight curvature to enable thicker edges and more accurate stroke play.
Round Handle made from 8 Piece Cane and Rubber for optimal power control and flexibility.
Slight Bow to increased power and a perfection
Very balanced pick-up.
Slightly Square Toe, which is designed to increase the hitting surface area whilst lowering the centre of gravity of the bat.
This allows for greater swing weight and power distribution.
Pre Knocked


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Made from Premium Grade 1 English Willow, offers super value for money, the SK Sixer King English willow Cricket Bat is a senior Cricket Bat, SK Sixer king promises a fantastic pick-up, with slightly rounded edges and even weight distribution. Hit the ball out of the Power spot and you can be sure to leave bowlers feeling the fire and fielders chasing dust on boundary lines 🙂


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